The different sexual energy transformations

In Charisma School we focus on the projection of sexual energy in a way that you can develop your sexual magnetism.

This is our main goal and objective: to transform you into a sexually magnetic person.

But sexual energy can be used for different purposes and objectives. Not necessarily being a magnetic person.

Remember sexual energy is an energy quality and like all energy qualities, it’s works like a music note. It can produce a different type of sound depending on the different instrument that it’s played, but it always retain the same essential quality.

One common transformation of sexual energy is repression. Most likely you know this one. You avoid it, you block it, you bury it deep inside of you.

This can create a whole range of issues. From “simple” anxiety to severe psychosomatic disorders. Your most common scenario is blocking any kind of sexual projection or expression, not being able to sexually attract others.

In our musical analogy, this is like a problem in your instrument that doesn’t allow the note to be played and heard.

Another common transformation of sexual energy is transmutation. This means transforming sexual energy into a different type of energy to be used in some sort of avenue of constructive expression.

You simply transmute it into a creative pursuit of some kind. Or some religious or spiritual practices. This is used often by monks and full time spiritual practitioners. Also many others high achievers have used it to propel their own work.

It’s a transformation from sexual energy to a different type of energy with a different purpose. It’s like using a music mixer to change that note into a completely different sound.

Then we have sublimation, which is considered a defence mechanism by Freud. This is where the expression of sexual energy is consciously or unconsciously transformed into a socially acceptable actions or behaviours.

It’s like we modulate its effects. When done unconsciously, it’s often used as a defence mechanism (avoidance of projection). Yet, it can also be a conscious sexual projection as we do in our trainings.

This is like adding minor tweaks with your mixer to that same note, always maintaining it’s essential nature.

Even though sublimation or transmutation tend to be considered the same, in Charisma School we differentiate them. It’s not the most common definition, but it works well within our framework.

While transmutation you transform the sexual energy into a different type of energy (sexual energy to healing energy for example), in sublimation sexual energy still retains it’s energetic essence wherever it’s used.

This is not important for you to know well. It’s much more important that you learn to recognise and become aware of these different energy currents inside of you, as well as learning how to use them for your own purposes.

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