Different Types of Personal Magnetism

Most people think there’s only one type of personal magnetism. One feeling of “it” factor that makes you stand out.But once you look closely and examine charismatic people, especially when you are around them – and if you are sensitive enough – you are able to sense different feelings emanating from each of them.

One can have a strong willful charisma. Another can be very empathic and emanate a great vibe. While another a deep spiritual feeling. And another a strong sexual feeling.

Yet, all of them are charisma or personal magnetism.

There’s not one better than another.

They are all different. Even among the different “categories”, there are different feelings among them.

Your sexual magnetism will for sure be a lot different than mine.

And that’s perfectly fine as long as it accomplishes the goals you are seeking.

But it’s important to define what you truly want and what are your main goals.

With time and practice, it will be easy to switch between different types of magnetism and charisma depending on the context.

Although to start with, choose one that is a priority to you and learn to work with it.

Later on, you can learn how to switch between different types of charisma.

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