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Many of us are on a journey to know ourselves. We may do plenty of online quizzes or even psychological evaluations.

Yet, there’s always something missing because those things can be pretty general. They give you only what you believe to be true about yourself.

In any online personality survey, you are asked many questions about yourself, to which you reply based on what you believe to be true. The results will reflect those beliefs.

And it can be helpful up to a certain degree.

But it’s only a start.

You need a much more honest and significant assessment.

What reveals us is our relationship with others, sex, money, business, and power.

The way we handle these aspects reveals who we truly are.

What do you do once you get an ounce of power over someone or a group of people? Who do you become? What do you do with the power?

We all like to say that we only try to benefit the group, but if you are completely honest, what REALLY happens? How does your mind transform? What changes?

And how do you deal with sex (or lack of it)? Who do you become? What are your desires? What are your impulses? What’s on your mind?

That’s why it’s essential to understand and develop both of these energies in you.

They reveal exactly what lies underneath, so it’s not a coincidence that we focus on tension and sexual energy. They mirror how you deal with power and sex. In the magnetic training, all of it is exposed for you to see.

The question always is: do you want to see?

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