Do it Once, Not 3 Times

A famous and prolific clergyman of the XIX century was asked how he could accomplish so much more than other men. He replied:

“I don’t do more, but less, than other people. They do all their work three times over: once in anticipation, once in actuality, once in rumination. I do mine in actuality alone, doing it once instead of three times.”What he meant by that is the way he focused his mind at what he was doing at a given moment without dispersing in a thousand different thoughts.

His mind was laser targeted.

He wasn’t thinking about checking his email, while browsing facebook and writing a proposal. If he was writing a proposal, he was only doing that at that moment: physically, mentally and energetically.

He wouldn’t bulge until he was finished with his task.

Then he could completely drop that from his mind and start a new one.

This way you hold all your energies in one point, focusing all the scattered rays of the mind in one activity, as opposed to dozens of them.

The will and focus of most people is like a milk carton filled with holes. They are pouring in one
end, but in reality the greater part of the milk is getting out through all the leaks.

The leaks are thoughts, worries, mind wanderings, useless activities, obsessions and so on.

As you can imagine, not much can be accomplished this way.

A fragmentary and disconnected focus and concentration is one of the main culprits of our modern mind.

We have interruptions of our trains of thoughts everywhere we turn. Cell phones, emails, advertising… It’s rare to find silence.

The only way to find silence of the mind is through mind focusing and selectively ignoring stimulus outside our focus of the moment.

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