Do you believe in yourself?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“can you be magnetic even if you don’t believe in yourself?”

It’s very hard.

This relates to the importance of your inner voice, mental states and so forth.

How can you develop any kind of magnetism if you inside of you, you are constantly saying you are not magnetic?

If you are constantly repeating to yourself that you’re not attracting anyone, that you are not powerful, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

You are developing a negative mental state that will hinder all your attempts to improve.

It’s impossible – or at least, much harder – to accomplish something (whatever that thing is) if your internal speech is bringing you down and you have a negative mental state.

There’s no way around that.

As Atkinson puts it: “The Will never acts on which the mind believes impossible. The disbelief acts as a break to the Will.”

A negative mental state will bring forward negative life experiences. Your external will reflect your internal.

This can be very easily understood:

Go to a party where you spend the whole day before repeating to yourself how ugly, unattractive and uninteresting you are.

Notice the results.

Then go to another party where you spend the whole day before repeating to yourself how beautiful, attractive and interesting you are.

Notice the results.

It may seem obvious when put this way but this can happen without conscious awareness on many different things in your life.

Your mental state is like the soil to grow seeds. If the soil is bad and contaminated, the seeds won’t grow correctly. If the soil is good, solid, the seeds will also grow strong and give beautiful fruits.

Use your inner voice and mental states instead of being used by them. They are inside of you, but they are not your self. You can use them as you see fit.

This is something you can work in detail in the training:
>>>”10 Steps to Inner Power”.

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