Do you have a closed door?

Blocks are often considered a bad thing to get rid of, and most of the time, it would be completely correct.

They hinder your ability to be free and act the way you want to. That’s why they are usually considered as “enemies,” and I often refer to them as restrictive.

But, you need to broaden your perspective. You can think of an energetic block as a closed door.

When the energetic block is there, the door is closed. When it’s not, the door is open.

As you can imagine, sometimes you do want to have your door closed. You don’t want a thief or someone who wants to harm you to enter your house. So you close it.

But sometimes you also want to keep them open. In fact, maybe you live in a place where your neighbors are friendly, and you can keep your door open most of the time.

Of course, we are talking metaphorically.

Either way, a block is necessary in many situations and overprotective in others. Maybe it’s necessary if you are walking around in a dangerous part of your town. You need some contraction and having your door closed. But maybe this is not needed during a dinner date.

The important part is knowing when your door is open and closed and having control over it.

That’s the crucial key aspect. The block itself may not be bad if you are in a situation that requires this protection.

The problem is when we don’t know. We don’t know whether we even have a block, not to mention having any control over that area of our body.

Hence the importance of energy awareness. Without it, you may be walking around constantly with a closed door without even knowing it. The more you become aware of your blocks and energy, the more you can open and close these doors as needed.

That’s what we work on in courses like The Unblocking Process.

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