Do you have Charismatic Habits?

Personal magnetism is a consequence of habits.It’s not about doing a bunch of exercises that will somehow give you magic skills.

It’s about doing specific exercises which develop certain habits in you that increase your own energy and personal magnetism.

It’s NOT about the exercises in themselves. It’s about the habits they create in you.

Most of the exercises in our courses are not to be done just for the sake of doing them. They have no use this way.

They are not magical and won’t bring you any kind of effect when done only a couple of times.

These are not like the exercises in the gym which you are only doing for a short term gain (and it will be gone once you stop doing). In here, think more in terms of gaining a skill, like learning how to play a piano.

So they must be done as all learnings: with an aware and purposeful mode. You need to become conscious and aware of their effects so that they can bear its fruits in your normal everyday life.

If the exercises don’t change your behaviors, habits and mind quality in your day-to-day, then they are of no use.

Many of the questions I receive from students are about ways to integrate the exercises into the particular life, habits and behaviors of each student.

With these exercises we are effectively transforming certain key elements of your mind, body and energy.

I’ve spoken before about the energy quality and mind quality. Both of them can only be changed with
these specific practices (and time!).

Once these habits are implemented and your energy quality shifts, then maintaining personal magnetism is no effort at all.

It’s just your natural way of being.

The “just the way you are” becomes a charismatic mode of life.

Then unless your habits shift again, if you just maintain them, you get to keep your charisma and magnetism for all the time you desire.

Start to change your habits to magnetic habits with the 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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