Do you think about sex?

In our teachings, having a sexual mind doesn’t mean having sexual thoughts.It doesn’t mean that you’re thinking about sex 24 hours a day.

You would go crazy with that!

It means a sensual mind quality. One that elicits sexual thoughts in others, but not necessarily in yourself.

Translating: those with high sexual magnetism don’t necessarily think about sex more than those with low sexual magnetism.

Often times is even the opposite!

It seems like a paradox I know.

What happens with those high on sexual magnetism is their own sexual feelings are higher than average.

(but not necessarily the thoughts)

Their sexual energy runs smoothly inside of them. It’s allowed to circulate freely. They enjoy and cultivate this sexual feeling on many moments during their day.

And little by little, their whole energy shifts to a sexual one. Their default “energy mode” is of a sexual nature. This is when you start to get approached by strangers and random women coming up to you without any effort at all.

It’s a nice energy to have at least once in your lifetime. It’s a great experience!

While those with low sexual magnetism, even if they have a lot of sexual thoughts, don’t allow their sexual energy to circulate freely.

Which creates blockages, embarrassments and obsessions as Freud already pinpointed more than 100 years ago.

Allow the sexual energy to circulate inside of you using the training program Sexual Energy Mastery:


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