Do you try to be cool?

Do you try to be cool?

One of the majors culprits of lack of sexual attraction and magnetism is that many men actually seek to remain neutral with women.

They try to “be cool” and non-threatening.

Yet, they end up being completely neutral.

This attitude automatically blocks whatever sexual magnetism you may have.

With it, you block your energy from going out. And of course, you will hear a lot of:

“I just see you as a friend”

“It’s so nice to be with you, it’s like I am with my big brother”

Ouch… definitely not nice to hear if you have sexual intentions.

Someone with sexual magnetism will definitely not hear these kind of sentences, as this sexually magnetic man is not neutral and doesn’t try to block his attraction and sexual tension.

So don’t think that sexual magnetism is a way that you can keep being neutral, without showing any sign that you are a sexual man.

Quite the opposite. With sexual magnetism you have a very clear sexual intention.

You are a sexual man and you are proud of it. Your sexuality easily comes out.

So sexual magnetism is not a way to avoid showing sexuality and definitely not something that allows you to keep on hiding your intentions.

If that’s what you seek, some technique that allows you to lurk in the shadows without anyone noticing you or noticing that you are a sexual man, then sexual magnetism is not for you.

Truth be told, I also don’t know of any successful system that allows you to simply be neutral, hiding and still get the girl at the end.

Fear of showing your sexual magnetism, showing that you are a sexual man is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

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