Do you want to be a top performer?

Here’s an interesting comment from a Charisma School student:

“I started to critically analyse the people around me and found that although most people I know are responsible and hardworking, the successful ones connected their intention and Will around their goals while the ones who remained ordinary and average worked hard, but associated working with extremely negative feelings (eg. suffering, toxic stress, misery).

In fact, there are even some cases where a person worked less hours than another, but produced multifold results due to the reasons described above!

There was no intention and Will behind their actions, even though some of them clock overtime and worked extremely long hours. The energy is completely different.

There are some people I know who work really hard and play harder. When they are working, their mental state is 100% focused on achieving goals, whatever their field is. When they are playing, whatever their hobbies are, their mental states = 100% enjoying the moment. They are not worrying about work when they are having fun, or daydreaming about having fun when they are working.”

That’s an excellent observation and it can be seen everywhere.

All the top performers in whatever field do it. Very rarely do you find a top performer who doesn’t have this connection to the Will – and a positive energy – as they work and in their overall life.

I’ve written before about a famous and prolific clergyman of the XIX century who was asked how he could accomplish so much more than other men. He replied:

“I don’t do more, but less, than other people. They do all their work three times over: once in anticipation, once in actuality, once in rumination. I do mine in actuality alone, doing it once instead of three times.”

This signals a great connection to the Will. When you are working, you are really working. You are not stopping to check facebook, or losing yourself in internet browsing. You are 100% focused on your goal for that time being.

When you are done, you are really done. You move on without looking back because you know you have put your full effort in that work and that is completed.

Your mind is laser targeted in what you do – whether work or play. And this is something that you WANT to be doing. Not something your boss – or someone else – is forcing you to do.

The Will and focus of most people is like a milk carton filled with holes. They are pouring in one
end, but in reality the greater part of the milk is getting out through all the leaks.

Even when you think you are focused, most of the times you are not. I’ve only noticed my own lack of focus and Will when I’ve seen a top performer in his own work. Then I knew I was simply playing around.

Our training 10 Steps to Inner Power is the initial step into developing this laser target focus, intention and Will in whatever you do.

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