Drop a coin in the wish fountain and get laid

Do you really need to use your Will and Inner Power to affect reality and the world?Can’t you just think happy thoughts and hope to “manifest” or attract what you want to have?

Let’s say you want a great sexual energy that attracts everyone to you. Can’t you just meditate at home alone and half-naked women appear at your doorstep?

Can’t you just drop a coin in the wish fountain and get laid?

Maybe you can try that approach and see how it works out for you.

The approach that I recommend and that we train in Charisma School, might include exercises at home alone, but above all, it includes real world training and practice.

Using your Will, energy and magnetism to actually get out there and affect reality which, in turn, helps you change your “default energy quality”.

After a while, you no longer need such an effort, and everything just starts to come automatically.

But to get to this point it’s usually only after using your Will to affect reality in this way.

Meaning, increasing your power and intensity and actually getting results, by using your Will in the
the world.

The goal of this is to transform your energy and subconscious into the kind of energy and mind that
resonates with what you want to have in the world.

Now, if you can affect your energy and mind in a different, more internal, way… it will work the same, since that’s the end goal.

But there’s also a serious danger in this. The danger is in fooling yourself something is happening when it’s not.

I’ve came across different students “guilty” of this.

They used internal methods, hypnosis, NLP, meditation and similar techniques to change their energy and mind, with no external/reality training.

And they convinced themselves they were getting results and everything was easy.

At least until I ask them to do a series of tests.

For example: if the goal was focusing on being a great player in attracting women, usually they tell me how women are now much more attracted to them and how they see it in their eyes.

But that’s not enough.

To really prove that you’re now a “natural” and effortlessly attract women, you need either to actually have sex. Better yet, let several different women initiate sex with you.

Then you know for sure your sexual energy is strong.

That’s the real world result, not looks on the street or an apparent flirting conversation.

When our attraction powers and sexual energy is strong, this is done effortlessly, in fact, women want to have sex or kiss us without any effort from our part.

Anything else, is an illusion.

When I asked if this was actually happening, there were a lot of justifications of why it couldn’t happen at that time.

The same with wealth attraction for example. You can have all the money mindset in the world, but either your bank account grows or it doesn’t.

That’s the true test.

So use whatever method you want, but always devise objective tests to make sure you aren’t fooling yourself.

That’s the approach we take on Charisma School.

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