Drugs and Personal Magnetism

Here’s a question from a reader:“What you think about smoking weed? Does this affect your will or charisma?”

Yes, weed has definite effect in lowering your Will and concentration.

Just think about it: when you smoke weed it’s like everything is fine and nothing bothers you, but also your will to act and achieve something is stripped away.

Especially with frequent use, your mind turns into a passive mind, as opposed to an active and concentrated mind.

This is well apparent if you do an QEEG scan to regular users. Generally, the alpha waves are predominantly high in the frontal lobe of the brain when they should be much lower in order to have just a normal concentration level.

If you are already a naturally charismatic person, this might lower a bit your charisma but you can still remain charismatic. Although if you are not naturally charismatic, then it’s an hindrance to your development.

It makes it harder for you to become charismatic or magnetic.

We want full focus, concentration and a powerful will when it’s needed, but also relaxation and the inner aspects of the mindful energy work.

So in other words, you don’t want a substance that only gives you one specific state of mind, or locks your state in one state. You want to have a versatile and agile mind so it can shift and move between states as it’s needed.

This is what we train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power training. Awareness of your mind and different states to use in different situations.

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