Effortless Influence With the Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a student of the Magnetic Gaze:

“Is it possible that when you master the gaze your eyes can become so powerful you can influence people without even trying? Just by looking at them?”

YES! But the reason WHY is a different one than what might seem at first glance.

You may think that our eyes get a lot more powerful and as such there’s some kind of “magical energy” emanating from them making you influence others.

But that’s not the true reason.

It’s true that your eyes become more powerful but the seemingly effortless influence on others comes all from the MIND.

Once you master the gaze, you also increase your own mind control, which means that your mind doesn’t usually
wander at will, sabotage your daily life, and you have mastered acting and behaving with intention.

Your own mind control and intention is the most important principle for effortless influence with the gaze, or any other method.

Once all your actions come straight from your intention, your mind develops a strict obedience to your Will.

At the beginning, not much will be noticeable outside of yourself and your own daily life (which suddenly becomes much more productive!).

But as your mental strength builds up and your intentions become stronger, you’ll notice that the influence over other people improves tenfold!

So even if you don’t try to influence others with some technique or method, your intention will be there in
the background making it all work!

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