Ego Based Charisma

Here’s an interesting question from a reader of this newsletter:

“Will the confidence/ other benefits I achieve be ego based? I really value being a humble and selfless person, though I’d love to have inner power, confidence, charisma just without it making me think I’m better than everyone else.”

It’s important to clarify what it means: “ego based benefits”.

On my understanding, you can have this kind of ego based benefits when you over-inflate your sense of self-importance and you attach your inner power to achievements in your external reality.

It often happens after a streak of successes or good fortune.

Even without you doing any type of exercise or technique.

Let’s say you got promoted as the youngest chief of staff in some department.

You can start to feel as if you’re better than your colleagues. After all, you were promoted and they weren’t.

This leads to a skewed view of reality and a dangerous attachment to your own performance or skills.

If, for some reason, you are fired from your job (either your fault or not), your inner power will be heavily reduced since it was all based on that job.

The same thing happens if you now become very good in attracting women, for example.

If your inner power gets attached to this outcome, and then, if – for some reason – you can’t attract women into your life, your inner power is now reduced.

Notice how your sense of well being and inner power will be attached to this worldly outcome.

It’s important to be clear that there’s nothing in any Charisma School program that can directly inflate your ego.

Although indirectly, there’s plenty of traps.

By achieving any kind of success, you can over-inflate your own sense of self-importance and become attached to your successful outcomes.

Especially when you train any type of influence and social skills, it’s very easy to become attached to it and increase your ego.

As good as your real world success is, it can never be the source of your inner power.

Your inner power must be always connected to a deeper and profound realization and can’t be attached to the randomness of the external world.

There’s a specific exercise on the 10 Steps to help you with this realization and to achieve your true source of inner power.

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