Ego Problems

An issue that often plagues all of us when developing magnetism is our own ego.

The ego problems that arise, may be mainly in two different ways:

A surplus of ego and a shortage of it.

The surplus of ego is when we say: “I’m already good at it”, “I already know it”, and other thoughts along these lines.

It may be the case that you already know X or are already good at X, then that it’s simply stating a fact. But more often than not, knowing something is not the same as actually applying it and being good in using it.

Our ego shows its face when we discard something we may not completely have understood. And this action prevents us from actually developing something important in the first place.

I lost count to the amount students that often go back to the 10 Steps to Inner Power after more advanced trainings because they realize their inner power is not as good as they first thought.

It happened the same with me. I’ve also went back to practices and techniques I thought I was already good at it because I realized that I was lacking in them.

This is an ego issue. Instead of observing carefully we immediately discard it because we may think it’s mastered and/or easy.

But the opposite also happens.

We may not think that we good at it, but instead say: “I’ll never make it”.

It’s a different scenario with the ego at the root cause as well. Only it’s a shortage of ego. We’re not believing in ourselves.

The solution here is again the same. Observing carefully. Not discarding it immediately but becoming aware of the issues that arise, of the problems and everything else. Then reflecting on it and finding solutions.

It’s not going to be easy for anyone. We all find obstacles – bigger or smaller – in this path. It’s only normal as we’re changing deep rooted behaviors in ourselves.

Whether you have more tendency for ego surplus or ego shortage it’s important to become aware of these issues that are preventing your evolution.

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