Empty Charisma

In Charisma School we – obviously – discuss the role of charisma in having a successful life. In having influential power, in attracting partners, in winning and in overall performing better.And it’s in fact an undeniable trait in order to succeed anywhere.

But don’t think for a second that you could make it with only charisma and no real “hard skills”.

If all you rely on is in your charisma and you avoid any work whatsoever, then most likely you will fall sooner or later.

It’s important to complement your hard skills with your charisma, but charisma can’t exist without something else to back it up.

When that’s the case – only charisma and no skills – we call it “empty charisma”.

This means, you can easily seduce, influence and persuade, but when it’s time to get down to business and actually DO something, you fail.

So you end up with a lot of failed businesses and failed relationships.

As you can imagine, that’s not an ideal scenario.

Hence the importance we place in inner power and mind control. It’s the only way for you to also develop your “hard skills” and have something to rely on aside from charisma.

When you have this full package: being able to actually DO and accomplish what you want to accomplish, as well as the ability to fascinate, persuade, attract and influence… then you have what it takes for a great life!

Whenever you are ready to build your foundations to a great life, start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:


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