Emulating Charisma

A new question from a Charisma School subscriber:

“if one studied them watching videos and reading books and tried to emulate charismatic people would one then possess charisma?”

There’s many types of charismatic people. We’ve seen by the study of the four pillars that each charismatic usually have one pillar more developed than others.

We see Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson developing their Projection pillar, in terms of Sexual Magnetism, to a very high degree.

We see the fascists dictators of the 20th century, like Mussolini and Hitler, developing their Will pillar to a very high degree.

We see charismatic religious leaders developing their Inner Power pillar to a high degree.

And so on…

Of course, they don’t live exclusively in that only Pillar, they all have powerful Projection abilities.

Now, the question was, can we pick any charismatic person and by studying them we develop their same charisma?

The answer: hardly.

We can of course learn maybe a few techniques, or a few subtleties they do, but it will be very hard to emulate their specific charisma, mostly because their development is completely different than ours.

Even if you identify with any of them, how can you get the same sexual magnetism of Scarlett Johnansson without her own physical and sexual attributes?

How can you get the same Will of Hitler, without the deep hatred that fueled his charisma?

And just imitating his or her mannerisms could only lead you thus far. As we’ve seen from previous videos and emails, charisma is an internal quality, not external.

The best way to develop charisma is always to develop our own charisma, specific to what we really are, think, believe and feel, without imitating someone else.

Assert your own personality, your own charisma, your own magnetism instead of copying the specific magnetism of others.

The best way to start is always with our two courses, 10 Steps to Inner Power and Personal Magnetism.

Check them out here:

10 Steps to Inner Power

Personal Magnetism

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