Energetic Maturity

There’s a concept you come across as you train your energy skills.

It’s the concept of energetic maturity.

As you develop and work with your energy, you begin to grow in the skills of what you can do and what you are aware of.

You mature in your experiential understanding of energy.

Sure that you can take benefits out of simply doing tension energy exercises for example. But you get much more out of it when you experiment and grow with this energy.

Following this path will give you this energetic maturity to be able to accurately work with energy.

It’s perfectly natural that you can’t feel much of energy as you start your training – regardless if it’s the Magnetic Gaze, Vitality and Energy Training, Sexual Energy Mastery or any other.

After a while of practicing and training, you start to feel it.

It starts as a miscellanea of feelings.

You only start acknowledging something is there without actually knowing what it is and how to describe it.

Little by little, your awareness gets more precise.

You start to understand causal relationships. When I do X, this feeling increases. When I do Y, this feeling decreases. Or, if I don’t do Z for a while, this feeling gets weaker in me.

You also get more precise in your energy awareness. You recognize several aspects of the energy feelings that were bundled together before.

Then, the big milestone is when you learn how to move and manipulate energy on purpose.

Certainly you are moving and manipulating energy with the “simple” tension energy exercises, but you don’t know yet know what you are doing.

So this step only one comes after awareness. If you don’t know it’s there, it’s hard to move it or do anything with it – on purpose.

Moving energy means that you can control what happens inside of you.

You can control what you do with the energy.

This is where the fun begins as it opens the doors to all the energy methods and techniques.

Yet, this is only the beginning. There’s a long road to energetic growth.

You don’t necessarily have to follow it until the end.

It’s perfectly ok to stay in a level of energetic development that suits your goals.

If you have achieved what you have set out to achieve, then you should rejoice and feel good for it.

But if you are interested in taking your energetic maturity to the highest level, then interesting times are ahead of you.

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