Energetic reasons to work on public places

Maybe you are one of those people who like to work on public places like your local Starbucks.

Before, I would get confused why people would trade a perfectly good silent and quiet place, prone to concentrated work, for a crowded and noisy coffee shop.

After all, for myself, I could only work alone without any distractions. The inside of my mind was already a big enough distraction.

But back then, I didn’t quite grasped the energy concept. It was still fairly new and alien to me.

Now, that I do, I completely understand this choice for a work space.

Regardless of the conscious reason some people mention for this behavior, the energetic background reason is always the same:

it’s related to the vibrant energy of the space. It’s an alive space, filled with life as people around you come and go.

If you can absorb that energy and use it to fuel your work, you can have a much more productive work.

The concentration will naturally come from the lively energy of the space since it overpowers our own internal distractions.

This is not about being an energy vampire that “steals” the energy of someone else. In this situation, you are merely letting yourself be a part of the energy of the space and allow it to move through you.

You can’t “steal” that energy of the space. You can only let it be a part of you.

It’s like you are soaking up that energy and use it to fuel your own work.

With that said, it may not work for everyone all the time. Sometimes that particular lively energy is too much for what you need at any given day and it will only fuel your distraction.

This will be the day to choose a quiet and alone space.

The level of your energy is not the same all the time. It constantly shifts and changes and it’s important that you adapt to what you have at any given moment.

That’s why it’s a necessary skill to be able not only to think energetically about several situations of your own daily life (so that you can understand the underlying reasons) but also to feel your own energy (so that you can change it).

That’s the work we accomplish in the Vitality and Energy Training.

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