Energy and Breathing Exercises

Here’s an interesting question from a Magnetic Gaze student:“Between the breathing and the energy exercises will that dramatically decrease external stresses from life?”

They have a good effect alone, but they will only DRAMATICALLY reduce the external stress IF – and only if – they are also accompanied by other kind of training, like for example in the 10 Steps (where we work with inner voice, self-disidentification, etc) and other kind of body energy work like sexual energy.

As you probably guess by now, all these things we talk in Charisma School must work in conjunction to have the full effect, you can’t just pick one exercise or one technique and get it over with.

I wish there was ONE exercise I could recommend you that transforms you into a magnetic person instantly.

But unfortunately there isn’t.

I can only recommend you a course of action with several exercises and techniques mixed in that work on different parts of your personality and magnetism.

As powerful or interesting breathing and energy work are, if you have other parts of you that are essential for magnetism bringing you down, then you’ll always have an anchor preventing your progress.

For example, you can do all the energy and breathing work you want, but if you haven’t yet mastered the 10 Steps and are able to control your own mind in the normal everyday life situations, this kind of deeper energetic training will always come out short.

The same with your Will. A deeper connection with your Will and ability to manage your state is of crucial importance to master any kind of magnetic work.

This is where I spend most time training with students since there’s a tendency to overestimate how in control of our own minds we actually are.

But once this is sorted… then all the energy training just works wonders and skyrockets your magnetism!

Get your basics handled with the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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