Energy and Will

Energy will always be related to your Will.

The Will is your most important tool in order to move and manipulate energy efficiently.

Sure, you can use other types of tools like visualization. But if the Will is not used in combination, then it will be a very weak type of energy manipulation. Sometimes, it’s not more than daydreaming.

Even visualization when coupled with the Will can be very powerful.

This is what’s lacking in most “energy healers” and overall individuals who work with energy even for applications like personal magnetism.

It’s not just a matter of being “intuitive” or “sensitive”. I will trade being “intuitive” for a powerful Will any day of the week.

If you have a low energy intuition, but a strong Will, you’ll always have more impact.

The Will must always be there if you want to manipulate energy efficiently.

Without Will, energy manipulation is simply too weak to have an effect.

Either no manipulation happens, or it happens with a minute amount of energy.

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