Energy Control 24h a day

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Can you control your energy and magnetism 24h a day?”

There are many things you can control inside of you, but you can never control everything. There’s always something which may skip your personal control, regardless of your energy mastery.

As much as I would like to tell you that you can avoid all illnesses, all bad things and be your perfect self radiating perfect energy for 24h a day, this is something that can’t be done regardless of the method you use.

Otherwise, you won’t be human.

As I’ve mentioned before there are energy fluctuations throughout your day/days. You can never have a perfect magnetism all the time regardless of your amount of training and development.

You can learn to control a big part of it, but never everything.

There are always moments which your energy may be on the low side due to a lot of different reasons: life events, seasons, sleep quality, illness, food, etc.

What we are doing in our trainings is to increase the amount of control you have, as well as the baseline of energy.

Even if you increase just 20% over your baseline magnetism – so you have 20% more personal magnetism and 20% more control over what happens inside of you – it’s already a life changing event.

It’s already enough to make a radical change in all aspects of your life.

And we should value this change, regardless of everything else.

This is especially important to remember when you fail or something goes wrong.

I learned this lesson the hard way.

When you reach far enough into magnetism training, there’s a moment where you just feel invincible. You can do anything.

But then, there will be a big failure.

Something that you can’t control regardless of what you do.

Fabricio once told me this big failure happens to remind ourselves that we are still human. To prevent an illusionary superiority over others and to bring back our humble self.

So don’t seek for absolute perfection or invincibility. We’re all still human and vulnerable. Seek to improve yourself a small chunk each day knowing there will still be failures and events you can’t control. Doing just that is already enough for a radical life change.

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