Energy leaks are ways that you are losing your hard gained energy. You could be doing 2 hours of energy exercises everyday yet still reach the end of the day very tired and without vitality.

This is a clear sign that you have energy leaks. It doesn’t matter what exercises you do, you’re still end up depleted.

And as interesting and powerful as energy exercises might be, they won’t fix 95% of your own energy leaks simply because most of them are in your own mind and inner power.

In other words, the places that you are draining energy are rarely related to your energy centers and are much more related to inner power and mind.

Most of the modern problems with depletion of energy are activities that are related to your lifestyle and the way you manage your mind.

They can even be considered common sense.

Here’s a list of possible energy leaks:

– Distraction and unfocused thinking: you are constantly “losing yourself” in internet browsing, smart phone usage, social networking or similar procrastination activities.

– Negative and/or obsessive thinking: you are constantly putting yourself (or others) down. Negativity is a large energy drain. As well as having ruminating thoughts.

– Bad relationships: you relate to people that are a negative influence. It’s easy to understand whether they are a good energetic influence on you or an energy leak: if having spent time with them you feel worse (with less energy, less positive), then they are draining you of your energy.

– Negative Actions: actions and behaviors that you have either with yourself or others that cause harm.

– Addictions: any type of addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, social media) will automatically drain you.

– Overworking: being constantly working without rest and with rising stress levels.

This is only a small list that could be expanded but it’s an example of how your daily actions and behaviors are possibly the biggest energy drain you have.

That’s why we always start our path into personal magnetism with Inner Power:
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