Energy Perspectives

There are many misconceptions about energy. It seems like everyone has a different theory about it.

If you speak with someone from yoga, you’ll get a lecture about chakras and nadis. If you talk with someone from Qigong, you’ll learn about the different Qi variations. If you speak with someone from Thai Massage, you’ll learn about the Sen lines.

Each seemingly has a different energy system.

And yet, they are all correct.

Just like the 6 blind men and the elephant, you’ll find several perspectives on the same thing.

They are all related to the same phenomenon.

Energy is energy, but its manifestations are so complex that you can develop a different theory depending on how you look at it.

Each discipline has its own philosophy that works as a guiding principle for how it’s perceived.

But the energy is still only energy. It’s still one phenomenon behind all these systems.

That’s why you need to understand the workings, the barebones, the laws behind how it works.

Then you might use the awareness you gain in developing any other discipline, whether Yoga, Qigong or whatever other energy tradition.

Next week, September 6th, a new course will be released to focus on this. On understanding the background and fundamental laws of all energy: Advanced Energy Science,

More information soon!

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