Energy Projection

The projection of your energy is what distinguishes if the other person will feel something from you or if they won’t feel anything.

It’s very common to be able to internally feel and move energy very well, yet, still blocking most projections.

This way, you’re only halfway there.

Sure it’s essential to be able to feel and recognize it easily. But, then if you (consciously or unconsciously) block it, how can others feel it? How can you influence your external world?

The projection is the externalization of your internal energies. It’s sending them out there to the world.

On most situations, what we project to the external world is completely unconscious.

Rarely do someone consciously knows what he is projecting it. That’s why it’s so shocking when we watch a video of ourselves interacting with other people or doing a speech for example. Our internal image and energy is completely different than what we actually project.

On most cases, you take the path of least resistance. You project what is the most common and natural for you. With no conscious awareness.

And if you achieve the results you want with this normal projection, then you don’t need to change anything.

But if you want different type of results, whether more personal magnetism or sexual attraction, then something must change.

First a development and training of your internal energies (you must know what’s inside of you and train the type of energy that you want) and secondly it’s projection (the externalization of those energies).

The most common question is:

“But if you feel it strongly inside of yourself, shouldn’t the external projection be automatic?”

In an ideal world yes.

But on real world, students have deep blocks that prevent the projection of the energy.

This is easily seen on the sexual energy training. The blocks are usually so deep that students are afraid of letting them go and actually project their sexual energy.

And if your sources of projection – the voice, gaze, movement, and so on – don’t project sexual energy, no one is able to feel it, regardless of how good you are in moving it inside.

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