Energy work is a marathon, not a sprint

Energy work, magnetism training is something that you’ll learn, develop and train over time.
It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
It’s not something that you’ll get to the bottom of in a 3 day retreat or similar. Sure, a more intensive few days/weeks can be very useful, but only if you continue – even if at a moderate pace – afterward.
Some intense days can be good to get a nose dive into it and deepen your awareness. But it’s only during the regular everyday practice that you’ll integrate that knowledge.
If you do that intensive training over the course of a few days/week and then completely forget about it, your energy and mind won’t have time to assimilate the awareness and control you’ve gained.
The key aspect is in the everyday practice.
That’s where you’ll integrate everything.
A few minutes everyday beats 3 intensive days (when not followed by regular practice)
This is like any skill.
You can go to an intensive 3 day training on ping-pong, but if you don’t play regularly after that training, not much will come out of it.
Sure you would have had a fun few days, but that’s about it. Any skill building requires regular practice.
Energy and overall magnetism is no exception.
Maybe one day you’ll realize that you have enough awareness, control – and benefits! – over your magnetism. That’s perfectly okay to maintain what you have, not wanting to pursue any further.
Of course, you may be like me and want to get to the bottom of it as much as possible for the sake of understanding this weird world, but maybe developing magnetism and having its benefits on the real world, it’s enough of a reward in itself.
This is up to you!
Then a type of maintenance routine sets over.
Like playing ping-pong every Sunday with your friends instead of a regular practice schedule where you are placing effort to improve.
That’s perfectly fine!
The important part is that you persist enough time to achieve the initial goals you set out!
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