Energy work is subtle? Or is it?

One of the common complaints of energy work is its subtlety.It seems hard to identify energy and to use it. It seems a very faint feeling.

Yet, it’s only subtle until your organs of perception are well developed.

Once you recognize them and learn how to use them, then your whole awareness changes.

Energy work is subtle until you master your awareness and develop your organs of perception. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Then it’s like you can’t seem to get enough of energy awareness. It’s all over the place and becoming less subtle as your awareness grows.

Everything you do has an energy component. Something that you may not be able to identify at the moment, but it’s not like it’s not there.

It’s like your breathing or heart rate. It’s always there whether you are aware of it or not.

Think about it… you also had to learn how to feel your heart and your breathing.

Some people still don’t know how the hell they are breathing. They still don’t understand if they have a deeper or lighter breathing, if they breathe from the diaphragm or chest, and so on. Yet, when they learn, they can change many of the bad habits.

It’s the same with energy. It can go unnoticed during your whole life. You may never pay any attention to it. But when you do… a whole new world opens up!

Now you are able to change your bad habits and understand what’s going on under the hood.

That’s an important objective in all energy work and what we train in the Vitality and Energy Training.

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