Enter into the state, don’t think of it

Here’s an interesting quote by Neville Goddard:

“To enter into the state and not simply think of the state.

Thinking from it differs from thinking of it. I must learn to think from it.

A man who this night came into a million dollars, from that moment that man is made aware that he has a million, when prior to that he had nothing.

He is thinking from the consciousness of having a million dollars.

He is not thinking of it; he is walking in the consciousness of having a million dollars.

He is not hoping for it, wishing for it; he is actually in it.

That is what the vision revealed to me. Even though at the end of my journey I will leave my things behind me and they will all be as though they were made of clay – all cheaply made, at that, every man, not knowing this? In fact, how many know it or care to know it?

They still want to realize their earthly dreams, and I am all for it; I teach it. But I cannot change the Promise. The Promise is fixed. That is something that will come to every being in this world, for it has been predetermined. But when we are here in this world of Caesar, I can cushion the blows, the inevitable blows, by learning the technique of Law and how to apply it, how to use it.”

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