Everything is connected

Inside of you, everything is connected. It’s not like you have a brain that thinks, an energy doing its own thing, and a body also working separately.

No. Everything is influencing everything.

Your thoughts are not separated from your energy or vice-versa.

What you think influences the way energy is moving, and the way energy is moving is also affecting your thoughts.

But how can this be? Shouldn’t it be just one path? Either the thoughts commanding everything or the energy controlling everything?

Not really.

It doesn’t take much to realize that your thoughts influence your energy. If you start to visualize a particular anxious scenario, you’ll immediately see your energy changing. It moves differently. You begin to contract.

Or, if you visualize a calm, soothing scenario in a situation where you are nervous, your energy will also reflect that.

But the opposite thing also happens. In certain situations, your energy starts to move before your mind realizes it. And when you start noticing it, your thoughts are already influenced by that energy flow.

It takes a bit more awareness to notice this, but it’s there.

In certain situations, you begin to feel anxious and contract your energy before your mind catches up. The scientific experiment of Antonio Damásio is a good reflection on this.

The more you are aware of what’s happening inside, the more you can understand and change your self, energy, mind and body.

If you don’t consciously feel it, then it’s tough to change.

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