Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Does your sexual energy fluctuates over time or does it remain steady?”

This question can be interpreted in two ways and I’ll reply to both.

One: Is your sexual energy always stable throughout your day?

No. You have a baseline of sexual energy that oscillates during your day. You may have a particularly high sexual energy when you go out to some bar on a date, and a lower one when you’re working in front of your computer.

Yet, the higher your baseline of sexual energy is, the more it will rise, and the less it will lower.

In other words, if your sexual energy baseline is high enough, it will never truly be at a ZERO level, you’ll always be emitting it. While if your sexual energy is already low to begin with, then on many occasions you won’t be projecting any of it. Especially if other – stronger energies – overcome you, like anxiety or nervousness.

Two: Is your sexual energy always stable throughout your life?

It depends on your life events and personal evolution.

Let’s say you were a natural on sexual energy. You were born with a high amount of sexual energy. Unless certain traumatic events take place, or you have a lifestyle that actually decreases your sexual energy (drinking, drugs, etc), you will retain your energy throughout your life.

If, like me, you weren’t born with sexual energy but you developed it through exercises, then it’s different.

If sexual energy becomes a really ingrained habit in you, in other words, if you have worked to fully transform your identity to a sexually magnetic person, the same rules apply of the “natural”.

But if you developed it but didn’t worked as much to change your identity and habits to a sexually magnetic person, then it will fade unless you keep doing exercises to maintain it.

What I’ve explained above is, of course, generalized. There are exceptions that should be carefully analyzed.

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