How to evolve in the Magnetic Gaze

The Magnetic Gaze is far more than simply doing eye exercises.Sure, eye exercises are necessary to train your gaze. They are an important and absolutely essential part of the early MG training. Without them, everything will be much harder.

Eye “muscular training” is necessary to make the energy flow smoothly.

But the true “magic” is on the energy and mind.

To evolve on their training, all the advanced practitioners focus 90% of their training time in energy and mind, and only the remaining 10% on maintenance of eye exercises.

After a certain stage, there are no further eye exercises that can help you grow. It’s all on energy and mind applications.

For instance, the Magnetic Gaze Level 3 is almost purely energy and mind training.

However, to get there, you already need to have the background of the eye exercises. It’s like Math. You can’t get to advanced Calculus without mastering Algebra.

The important part is truly understanding that the MG, is much more dependent on your energy, mind and will, than in your eyes or how long you can hold on the fixed gaze without blinking.

That’s why those students with eye conditions that can’t do some of the eye exercises can still develop the gaze. They focus on the most important part of the training.

So don’t neglect your energy and mind training. That’s what’s going to take you to the next stage of the Magnetic Gaze path!

To start your Magnetic Gaze path, start with the training:
>>> Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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