Extreme Negativity and Inner Power

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“i have been experiencing extreme negativity since a couple of years. poor health and huge monetary loss. i want to attract money power and health. how can i ? how can i create immense positivity?”

This is related to a question from last week on how to attract wealth using manifestation methods, but I consider this question different enough to answer it here.

Sometimes bad luck strikes our door. We’ve all had bad events happening in our lives where he had no responsibility whatsoever.

A friend of mine just recently had a tree falling on his car while he was comfortably at home. And there wasn’t a storm or anything similar, the tree just fell(!)

Sometimes sh*t happens and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Yet, when bad events are constantly happening in our lives, we need to look deeper into ourselves, starting with our own mindset – our attitude and beliefs about health and money – as well as our behaviors.

If bad events are constantly repeating, it’s not just “bad luck”. Something else is at play.

I don’t know the specifics of the reader who sent me this question, but there can be all kinds of variables influencing the “extreme negativity”.

I would ask myself all sorts of questions:

– Where’s my poor health coming from?

– Did I took any time at all to learn about nutrition and actually apply it in my life?

– Did I took any time in learning about the conditions that are causing my poor health?

– Am I living a healthy lifestyle?

– Where did my monetary losses come from?

– Have I learned from them or do I keep repeating the same mistakes?

– How’s my relationship with wealth?

There’s all kind of factors that can be at play here, but the most important one is inside our own mind.

Hence the importance of developing a much deeper awareness of ourselves and our own Inner Power. For that reason we created the course of 10 Steps to Inner Power.

10 Steps to Inner Power

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