Extroversion and Charisma

There’s a common misconception that you need to be extroverted in order to be charismatic. Very far from the truth.

There are charismatic people all over the spectrum of personality types.

You don’t need one personality type in order to be charismatic.

I’m sure you’ve met magnetic and charismatic individuals who didn’t speak more than they have to.

This is seen mainly among highly powered CEOs and business leaders.

There are, of course, those extroverted individuals who are also charismatic.

But there are also those extroverted individuals who AREN’T charismatic.

So, extroversion is not a sign of charisma.

Can it help?

It can help as much as it can hinder.

(As all personality types)

In the efforts of being more extroverted and talkative, you can also increase your neediness for external validation, and actually decrease your charisma.

That’s why we don’t teach any course on becoming more extroverted or talkative.

We, in Charisma School, take a different route to charisma.

The development energy, of inner power, of projection, of your Will. Which doesn’t depend on a particular personality type.

Not only it’s a very long lasting charisma, but it also aids you in succeeding in life and achieving what you want to achieve.

After all, charisma is useful for you if it also helps you to succeed in what you want to succeed.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

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