Fabricio and Concentration Power

If there was one thing I learned with Fabricio was the importance of Concentration, Attention, Focus.He seemed to have an uncanny ability to focus in whatever he was doing. When we was talking with someone, with some specific goal in mind – let’s say to teach them something, as he often did with me – nothing else existed aside from that conversation.

It was even quite scary to have all that attention on top of us. I certaintly wasn’t used to it.

His gaze and his energy was completely turned to me.

I remember when we were in a coffee shop while we were discussing some interesting Magnetic Gaze topic and some plates dropped to floor shattering all over the place and making a huge noise.

I was talking and I stopped and looked behind me, when I heard the noise.

I mean… who wouldn’t?

At that moment, he said to me: “Who cares about the plates? Your concentration must be stronger than this. If you spend your day getting sidetracked whenever you hear a loud noise you wouldn’t do anything else”

He continued:

“Whenever you have any kind of objective in mind, be it in your work, in a conversation, in thinking, in whatever you are doing any time during your day, you must put your whole energy and mind into it. Without this one pointed concentration habit, you won’t have any power when you truly need it”

And I knew he was right. Your power comes from the energy and attention you put into whatever you
are doing.

And this is nothing more than a habit. Keeping your full focus and energy in whatever you are doing must be something you do everyday, many times per day.

Only this way your power can increase. If you rarely use it because “it’s not really worth the effort”, then how are you expecting to be able to influence, attract, inspire when you need to?

Create the habit of putting all your energy and focus on whatever you are doing during the day and you will be well rewarded.

Concentration is trained mostly on Magnetic Gaze Level 2. But to reach there, you must start with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations here:


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