Face what you feel

All magnetic work involves confronting what you are really feeling inside.

You need to acknowledge and feel the energy present inside of you.

Work done by ignoring, repressing, or rejecting any part (or the entirety) of what you are feeling inside will not be good work.

This holds true in magnetism, just as it does in many other facets of inner work, including all forms of spirituality.

If there’s one thing that 20th-century psychology has taught us, it is that repression never works in the long run.

It may work temporarily—lasting from days, weeks, months, or even years—but what you repress will always come back to bite you.

That’s why it doesn’t matter what energy is present; whatever it is, you need to face it.

For some people, this will be easier, for others, it will be more challenging. It depends on various factors.

Either way, not repressing, ignoring, or rejecting is essential.

Similarly, it’s not about giving in and acting on every feeling you experience. In other words, just because you feel like punching that annoying co-worker, it doesn’t mean you should.

So, what’s the solution? On one hand, I’m advising you not to repress anything, but on the other hand, I’m cautioning against acting on your feelings.

It might seem like a catch-22. You can’t repress, but you also can’t express it. So what can you do?

It’s not about repressing, and it’s not about acting out; it’s about non-resistance. Just because you feel something inside doesn’t mean it needs to come out. It doesn’t mean you have to act on it.

You can feel it without repressing or acting out. Feel it without resistance. Allow this energy to move, flow, and do what it wants without you acting on it.

That’s the key to the whole process.

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