Failure is necessary

When you are training sexual magnetism, it’s not like you can do the exercises, then get out there and succeed immediately.

You’re going to fail. That’s inevitable.

But most people don’t expect it. They hope to succeed straight away, which never happens.

You need failure and quite a good number of failures before success starts.

It’s like when you open your faucet; bad water comes first, then good water comes.

You need to get the failures out of you first. Only then can success come.

If you are practicing tennis against a wall, it’s not like you are expecting that your first match will be a great success. You need match practice, including many losses, before you can succeed.

The secret is to learn from each failure. It’s not like you are just failing, and that’s that.

Not at all. You need to learn from them; with things, you can change and practice for the better. What have you done wrong? What could you do better?

It’s very easy to blame it on external factors. But that’s not what you should do to improve. Notice what the faults were, learn from them and improve them. It’s the only way to learn.

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