Finding the time for Exercises

In our fast paced society is not easy to take some time to ourselves and actually do the exercises we are proposing in Charisma School.Even if it’s only 20 or 30 minutes a day… why do a boring exercise when there are so much more appealing activities to do?

So many interesting blogs to follow, so many funny videos on youtube or new music to hear.

Spending 20 minutes in silence with no other input aside from our mind is not the most fun part of your day.

I remember talking with an old master (now in his 80’s) about this, and he told me:

“Now you have an added battle. When I started my training in this village *he always lived in a very small village* when I was younger, we didn’t have much distractions. I always had free time with nothing to do, so having a focused time for these exercises came naturally.”

“Now, for you, it’s different. You are constantly busy with all these things to do. Yet, you still find time to practice. That’s a true test of your Will”

“You have an added challenge. And because of it, you also have an added reward. Your Will at this point is now much stronger than mine in your situation. The exercises for me were the highlight of my day. They weren’t an exercise for my Will since I was looking forward to come home and do them.”

With all the temptations of modern society, it sure takes a great Will training to be able to do your exercises on inner power, magnetism and taking the time to do something to improve yourself.

By merely doing the practices and exercises on a regular basis you are already improving your Will.

So, for our training, our fast paced society is as much of a curse as it is a blessing.

It’s much harder to find the time for this training. But the rewards in your own Inner Power and Will are also much greater!

Start to develop your Will and Inner Power with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:

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