Focused Mind = Focused Actions

Those who have a focused mind, will also have focused behaviors, actions and speech.

It’s very clear when someone has clear thinking habits as opposed to someone with a fuzzy mind. This reflects in everything they do. Including personal magnetism.

As you know, magnetism is not attracted to fuzzy or distracted minds. It’s attracted to directed and focused minds.

One possible reason is because there’s a lot more energy movement inside of yourself.

A fuzzy mind just allows everything to happen as a leaf in the wind. No control or direction. Hence, there are few energy dynamics.

A directed and focused mind causes a dynamic energy movement made possible by your Will. There’s a continuous energy movement caused by your own Will.

This is only made possible due to the rich focus and direction of your mind and thinking. Yet, a focused mind goes beyond concentration.

Concentration, as important as it is, it’s only one aspect of your mind training.

A focused mind has efficient thinking processes, a good inner voice and control over the overall mental state, as well as, a laser sharp concentration.

They are all part of the same package and they all contribute to the overall goal of personal magnetism.

The problem is most people are not aware of what is happening inside of their own minds.

If you ask anyone, they will tell you off the bat how good their introspection and mind awareness are. But a closer observation, or even giving them a few simple exercises, will create problems.

For example, Charisma School exercises will be as rich as your own power of awareness. If you’re not feeling anything – or everything seems the same – it just means your internal palette of mind sensations is not as good as you thought, and needs further training.

There’s a whole world of sensations, processes, feelings inside of your own mind that affects everything you do on the external world. Knowing them is essential for a development of your magnetism and overall life change.

For more information on improving your mental processes, awareness and concentration, check the training course:

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