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For those of you who have been accompanying Charisma School over the years, you’ve most likely, noticed a big leap in the shared knowledge from the beginning until now.

As all things, we also evolve.

From a very simple website with just a couple of free courses, we now have a whole range of free courses, articles, free videos, more complete training courses and a whole training academy.

Our goal is to put out there all our knowledge about energy, charisma, personal magnetism and the magnetic gaze.

We’ve also been releasing monthly some short videos about our approach Charisma and Personal Magnetism.

If you have any interest in increasing your Charisma and Personal Magnetism take an hour out of  your day to watch all these free short videos.

With it, you can understand what we stand for, and how all the concepts of energy, charisma, personal magnetism are related as well as next steps to improve your own personal magnetism.

What is Charisma


How to be Charismatic and Develop Personal Magnetism


The Key to Charisma


What is a Charismatic Man


Sexual Energy and Personal Magnetism in Charisma School

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