Fulfilling the old Rosicrucian axiom

Regardless of the type of energy you are training and wanting to develop in yourself, the goal is always the same: allowing the energy to flow.

The problems always arise when the energy is not flowing as it should. The reasons for this can be many – and most completely unconscious.

Maybe we don’t accept the impulses that arise inside of us.

Or we don’t want to let them go.

Or we feel threatened and need to constantly defend ourselves from our internal and external threats.

Or all of them in different circumstances.

We have impulses inside that we don’t know where they come from, yet we try to resist them, repress them, or act on them externally, creating all kinds of trouble for us.

Instead, there’s an alternative. Learn how to identify their energetic signatures and allow them to flow inside of you – without acting on them – but without restricting them inside.

When our energy is flowing as it should – with no restrictions and no blocks – then we can fulfill the old hermetic and Rosicrucian axiom:

“Accept everything, abandon everything… and this way, renew everything.”

Understand where your energetic bottleneck is what you are not accepting or not abandoning, and you’ll finally have the magnetism you seek.

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