The FULL Charisma Training

The development of charisma and magnetism is a training in the nature of mind, body and energy.By undergoing this training you are doing far more than simply getting charisma.

Since charisma is similar to a transverse line that covers different domains, you can dive pretty deep into your own self.

You start to understand your body. You recognize areas of tension which are blocking your energy from flowing. You recognize how you manifest stress and how to fix it. The best foods to make yourself feel great and full of vitality. You end up feeling very much alive and embodied!

You also start to understand your mind. Your thinking patterns and how to change them. How to be able to focus and concentrate at will, improving your productivity. Controlling your mind in all of life situations, stopping the nervousness without a hitch.

And, most importantly, you start to understand your energy. You understand your own energy quality, what you are emanating to others. How to move energy inside yourself to give your body what it needs and how to project energy to the outside, influencing and attracting those of your choice.

All this is part of the development of charisma through our methods and teachings.

What about if you don’t want all this work?

That’s perfectly fine.

It all depends on what your goals are.

Fortunately you don’t need THAT much work if all you want is to generate some charisma or sexual energy.

I understand not everyone is like me who loves to go as deep as possible in these kind of topics, exploring and doing crazy energy experiments, trying to reach the maximum level of energy, focus and power.

Depending on what you aim to achieve and your current level, you may only need a minor training of mind, body and energy.

Just a couple of courses are enough for that and in a few months you can be up and running.

But the training always starts with Inner Power with the 10 Steps.

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