Get Out of Zombie Mode!

If you have been reading this newsletter for a while you know we advocate a very active state throughout your day.While many people live constantly in a passive state, a zombie like mode where life just happens to them, a true charismatic and magnetic person, can’t live like that.

I receive several emails saying things like: “bad things just keep happening to me. How can I prevent that?”

The first and crucial advice I have for you is to get yourself in an active state. That kind of state where
you are… well… active!

In a passive state, you are constantly living inside a brain fog. Life passes you by without leaving a mark.
People speak to you and you reply normally, you function well in the world, but inside you may feel like a zombie.

There’s no attention in everyday life and it seems like life doesn’t get imprinted in your brain.

While in active state, you are in control of most aspects of your life. You feel awake and with energy all throughout your day. You control your life, and life doesn’t control you. You actively seek what you want to get out of life. In active state, you’re not a victim, you are the director.

The passive state is good to watch a movie, or browse the web… those activities that you should be doing about 5% to 10% of your day. During the normal working day active state should be present at least 80% to 90%.

Less than this and the active state won’t fully activate inside of yourself!

Less than this, and life will seem outside of your control with “bad things happening”.

Less than this, and you may feel powerless in your interactions.

Start this inner revolution with the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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