Get rid of procrastination and develop self-control

Lately, will power and self-control has been much less fashionable. It’s much better to read that someone or something else is the cause of your life miseriesand lack of inner or external power.

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Your self-control is not to blame. After all, it’s stronger than you. You can’t control your binge eating, your lack of motivation, your procrastination. It’s your parents fault, or your boss, corporate America, your childhood traumas or your dog(?)

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Self-control in presence, thoughts, behaviors or actions is a habit, and should be developed as such.

Your procrastination is a habit. You conditioned your mind to be undisciplined, to be browsing the web when you should be working or to stay in bed and hit the snooze button instead of getting up straight away.

Those are habits. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even fears are mere habits of behavior. You must overcome them through the establishment of the contrary habit – of self-control and poise.

How can you change long standing habits then?

For example, browsing the web when you should be working.

The first step is always AWARENESS. If you don’t know you are procrastinating, then it’s hard to change it.

Cultivating awareness of thoughts, behaviors and actions. During several moments of your day ask yourself: What am I doing?

Right afterwards ask yourself: What do I WANT to be doing?

Ask this often to regain control.

This awareness as well as disciplining and training your mind to follow through on what you want to be doing, is essential in all parts of inner power.

It’s amazing that so many people still think that they command and influence others without a firm self-control and intention over their own selves.

How do you want to influence, command and lead others without doing it on yourself first?

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