Getting your ex back with sexual energy

One common question I have is: “How can I use sexual energy to get my ex back?”

And this question has a huge problem. It comes from a needy mindset.

For some reason – it doesn’t matter what – the relationship ended. And now you want it back.

But, even if you try to hide it, you are coming from a neediness mindset, hence contracting energy. And remember that people can feel this quite well. Women smell it a mile away.

Hence, sexual energy won’t work very well since it’s an energy of expansion. It’s an energy you want to GIVE and SHARE, not take.

If you need something from someone – like sex, emotional support, etc. – you are not sharing the good sexual feelings you have inside—quite the opposite. You want to take them away. And naturally, that won’t work very well.

Once you get rid of the neediness, you most likely won’t want to get your ex back. You’ll learn with that relationship and move on.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to get your ex back even if you develop perfect sexual energy. Maybe it’s time to move on; maybe you are too different; maybe your energies are not matching. There can be many reasons, and I have no idea of your specific situation.

What sexual energy gives you is a choice. As you share sexuality with all those around you, people inevitably want to have sex with you. They feel so good – and sexual – around you that it’s only the natural consequence.

Maybe that can work with your ex, or maybe she is already so negatively anchored to certain parts of you that she won’t even be able to feel your newly found sexual energy.

Either way, you will surely be better off by developing sexual energy and getting rid of the neediness for any specific person.

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