“Great wonder and amazement from those eyes”

William Walker Atkinson wrote this interesting memory from his younger years:

“Walking one day among a grove of trees belonging to my grandfather, I found myself standing staring intently at a snake about two feel long whose eyes glistened like large diamonds.

In a moment I ceased to see anything by those awful eyes which glistened and displayed all the prismatic colors to my frightened glance. It lasted but a moment, however, for the snake glided away, seemingly as anxious to get away from me as I was to part company with him.

I cannot say whether the spell would have been broken by me, if the snake had not moved away – perhaps it might, or perhaps not.

All that I remember now, after the passage of thirty-five years or more, is that I did not seem to feel fear after the first shock, my feeling and emotion seemingly being that of great wonder, and amazement arising from what I saw in those eyes”

Whether Atkinson was exaggerating that experience or not, if you’ve ever met someone with magnetic eyes, I’m sure you can relate with this feeling.

It’s like nothing else exists but the person in front of you.

They can be so intense it’s even hard to keep staring for so long.

When you have magnetic eyes, other people simply feel something when looking at you. You draw them in to your own energy.

It’s quite an unique feeling!

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