Grow your Character and Inner Power

In certain trainings you can learn techniques to bring out repressed emotions that are causing many problems in your lives.When they are out in the open, your defenses are broken. Your external armor is broken in order to destroy the
packets of condensed memories that have been causing so much suffering in us.

“Great”, you think, “no more defenses or repressed memories holding me down!”

So they go down.

And then what happens the next working day or the next week or next month?

Often you find that with your defenses gone, you can barely stand up.

This is deeply significant, for it shows to what extent you rely on your defenses and your armor in order to stand
firm in the world.

It’s not a true connection to the source of your Will or inner power. No, it’s merely the defenses standing up.

Your ego causes you to live constantly on the defensive and without these defenses, you are weak and disoriented in the world.

I have nothing against removing of defenses, but only if it’s replaced by a connection to the strong inner power inside of each one of us.

This is what is missing in modern psychotherapeutic practices: they know how to work and disarm the defenses, but do very little to grow the inner power, the strength of character and the true Will connection that replaces the loss of defenses.

Without this connection to your true Will, without building the inner power and learning how to control your mind, you’re only setting yourself up for another breakdown and more building up of defenses over time.

To begin your journey of increasing your Inner Power start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power in here:

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