Harness the Energy

Some kind of energy has been present on all major world traditions of health and human development.Be it Prana or Qi or universal life energy, different names have popped up for the same phenomenon.

Sure, they have different names for this energy, different methods and different frameworks, but its existence and value it’s undeniable.

Energy in general has more than 5000 years of a proven track record in different cultures and now it’s mostly ignored by science.

I do think it is too simplistic to definitively deny the existence of this energy simply because we are, so far, unable to find a scientific way to measure it.

Now, I find it odd this energy is being ignored instead of studied and harnessed its power even further.

If most of our scientists and doctors today put their heads and technologies together, I’m sure new breakthroughs would happen in this field that would benefit all of mankind.

Different cultures, even those who never had contact with each other, all found an energy background to the human being and developed systems and methods to use this energy.

Whether it’s called Magnetism or Prana and you use tension energy exercises or physical postures or breathing, it’s of no consequence. The important part is to actually be able to use it in your life.

That’s what we focus in Charisma School. To harness this energy to accomplish real changes in your life, personal magnetism, influence ability, attraction levels and a magnetic gaze.

Get started on the Magnetic Gaze path with the Foundations training to understand and use this energy:


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