Having a clear mind

Having a clear mind is one of the most priceless attributes you can have in life. I place it right up there with magnetism.

It allows you to move through life knowing exactly what you want to do. It also allows you to keep your focus on what you want to achieve.

A clear mind is a peaceful mind. One that doesn’t work against you.

It’s the perfect companion to the Will. A great Will is usually accompanied by a clear mind. Get both of them together and you become an unstoppable machine.

We all have a clear mind from time to time, the problem with most people is that it quickly gets “mudded”.

It should be the other way around: you have a “mudded mind” from time to time but it quickly gets cleared.

Your mind gets “mudded” due to indecision, to distractions, to lack of self-awareness, lack of control, lack of Will… there are many different reasons. We work on many of them on the Inner Power training.

So how can you actually develop a clear mind on a day to day basis?

There are mostly three components to it.

The first should be obvious: concentration.

If you can’t keep your mind focused for even 5 minutes, it’s very hard to keep it even remotely clear during your whole day.

And in our modern days where every single device is trying to grab our attention by all means possible, being focused and concentrated is harder than it ever was.

Secondly, your inner power and Will are, as we mentioned before, crucial elements to keep your mind clear.

If you can’t direct your energy into a specific objective and actually accomplish it, you will simply do what your unconscious decides for you. Which is often not what we would like.

Your unconscious can simply feel the pleasure from watching netflix your whole day, or aimlessly browse the internet or scatter your effort through multiple interests. None of it contributes to a clear mind.

And lastly, is having a a great control over your inner voice. If you allow your inner voice to constantly move like a leaf in the wind, it’s very hard to get some clarity. Your inner voice should be controlled and focused according to your Will. It’s not a voice from the heavens that should be followed at every turn. It’s your own internal voice. You need to put it under your control.

We have created two trainings to help you in this quest: 10 Steps to Inner Power, which teaches you – among many other techniques – the control over your inner voice, Will, and so on. And then the Concentration and Mind Control course that takes it a step further and develops your concentration to much greater heights!

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