Having a strong personal atmosphere

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson

“The atmosphere of some persons is such that it causes us to let them alone, and to take no stock whatsoever in their business propositions. Others, instead, imbue us with confidence and trust, and give us the feeling that we would like to do business with them. Some persons leave upon us the impressions that we have been in the presence of a snaky thing, and we often can scarcely repress a shudder of disgust and dislike while others create in us the impression that the other person is a good friend and can be depended upon as a helper and comrade.

Why? It is not from anything these persons have said, for, as we all know, some of the slipperiest persons are often the best and smoothest talkers; and some of the best and most dependable persons are often very reticent, and even “short” in speech.

The reason lies deeper that words. It is the “feeling” that we experience when we come in contact with persons, rather than any report of the reason regarding them. And this “feeling” is caused by the registry upon our sensitive brain organism of the thought-vibrations of the other person’s personal atmosphere.

Not only are these things noticed in the person himself or herself, but even the very residences, stores or other places frequented by the individual are also affected by the continuous influence of the thought-vibrations of his or her personal atmosphere.

Did you ever notice how some houses produce upon you a feeling of sadness or woe, or worse; while others seem to carry within them an air of health and good cheer, happiness and content? This is often true although the house may have been unoccupied for some time. So strong do the mental vibrations of the atmosphere of the person or persons formerly inhabiting them. In the same way some offices and places of business are so saturated with the vibrations of the personal atmospheres of their occupants, that one is forcibly impressed by the same upon entering the door. A man may disguise his thoughts by his words or his facial expression, but the mental vibrations of his personal atmosphere will frequently “give him away.”

These are facts, which should require no further proof – your own experience should be proof enough to satisfy you but you should make mental note of this fact, and carry it in mind as we proceed. Many persons leave but little impression upon us, for the reasons that their mental states are so varied, inconstant and fleeting that they neutralize each other, and fail to impart a definite shade of thought-color to the personal atmosphere. The strongest personal atmospheres are those of persons of strong feelings, desires and emotions, good or bad, for such have strong and constant mental states which impress themselves forcibly upon their personal atmosphere, so strongly, in fact, that one who notices these things cannot fail to perceive them.”

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