We are used to distraction throughout our day. Rarely we can find the time and space to be fully and intensely concentrated.When you are interrupted or when you interrupt a certain task, it takes time to get back to the fully intense concentration mode you were in.

Those who have a concentration practice can understand this very well.

Let’s say you are doing some concentration exercise for the past 25 minutes. You have an intense focus on it. Your mind is immersed in it.

Then your phone rings because you forgot to turn it off.

You pick it up to notice who is calling you. You decide not to pickup it up, so you won’t lose your concentration.

But it’s too late, it’s already lost.

That brief period of 10 seconds of that interruption is enough to break your concentration and to – again – take time to get back to that level of intensity and depth you had before the interruption.

It’s the same thing when you are working or studying and you keep receiving emails or notifications on your phone. It’s impossible to maintain a level of mind intensity with those interruptions.

Only those who have the habit of intense concentration can understand the negative consequences of these “minor” interruptions. They are disastrous for your focus.

If you don’t have the habit of intense concentration, you merely think they don’t bother you that much, since you only lose 5 seconds to check the notification. But, when you are deeply aware of your mental state, you’ll notice you lose much more than this.

Fortunately, most of these external distractions are within your control. Your phone and email program can be turned off, notifications can be turned off, you can close the door, get noise cancelling headphones or find a quieter place to work or study.

The harder ones are the internal distractions. Having the discipline and will to let go of all the delicious unrelated thoughts that will come to your mind when you decide to do some intense mental task. Especially in the first 20 minutes. If you resist those first 20 minutes and continue the intense focus without interruption, then staying an extra hour or so in this deep immersion is a lot easier!

A training in concentration completely rewires your brain – when done right. Meaning, it’s not enough to just do a few exercises and get it over with. No, you need to establish the habit of deep concentration throughout your day, in your work or study. Then after a while, you see your level of immersion and depth increase exponentially.

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